Don’t Ever Assume Anything!

How many times have you either said yourself or someone has said to you something along the lines of “I assumed…” As the saying goes, don’t ever assume, because it makes an Ass out of yoU and Me! Thankfully I have a little bit more to say about this than that alone. Assumptions are always…

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The Power of One

You may have seen the You Tube video that shows this one man who begins dancing alone on a hill at a music festival. At first, I thought to myself, “He’s brave. He’s obviously on drugs or something.” I also reminded myself that there is no way I would ever do something that outlandish. Ever. Not in front of…

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A Tiny Speck at 30,000 Feet

Yesterday I was on a plane travelling to Edinburgh. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but I simply love flying. Thankfully, I have never been such a frequent flyer that I have ever got close to despising the departure lounge and even if I ever do travel far more frequently in the…

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From Struggle to Strength

If we are honest, truly honest, so much of our time here on this earth feels like we are having to overcome obstacles. Things like work/life balance, hoping our money will stretch further than we know is normal, praying that someone will recover from a sickness that is threatening to swallow them up completely. What…

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Sink or Swim!

After three months of training – largely consisting of me ‘re-learning’ how to swim the front crawl properly, it was finally time to literally take the plunge. I stood on the hill next to my wife, simply staring out towards the lake at Blenheim, shocked at the sheer distance between the launch pontoon and the…

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I Fear For My Life…

It’s not very often that someone tells you they “fear for their life”. Unless of course, you work for one of the security services or hang out with gangsters, criminals and informants. I would rather not tell you who said this to me the other day but what I can tell you is this, fear…

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