When Baking Bread Brings Relief

When Hurricane Harvey prompted a year’s worth of torrential rain around the Houston, Texas area in a matter of days, and became the biggest disaster in mainland America since Hurricane Katrina, predictably, a lot of things happened. Thirty-five people thus far, have died as a result of the storm; 13,000 rescue operations have been carried out and…

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What’s an Apostrophe For?

I saw a headline yesterday that encouraged me to finally write something about one of my all-time favourite rants. That is of course, the almost epidemic, terrible misuse of the apostrophe. Then I found out that next Friday is International Apostrophe Day, so I instantly decided that this is going to be a two-part blog…

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Head to Toe Turkish

I like getting my hair cut. More nowadays. than perhaps at any other time in my life. The reason is simple of course. The barbers I visit monthly do a great job every single time. The establishment I am referring to is a Turkish barbers called The Good Fellas with posters of the famous mafia movie adorning…

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Don’t Ever Assume Anything!

How many times have you either said yourself or someone has said to you something along the lines of “I assumed…” As the saying goes, don’t ever assume, because it makes an Ass out of yoU and Me! Thankfully I have a little bit more to say about this than that alone. Assumptions are always…

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