The MeAttitudes

Blessed are the arrogant, for theirs is the kingdom of their own company; Blessed are the superstars, for the magnificence in their light, we understand better, our own insignificance; Blessed are the filthy rich, for you can only truly own that which you give away, like your pain; Blessed are the bullies for one day…

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It’s the Way You Say It…

In my nod to the GDPR rules (in force since last week), I made mention of what I believe to be the correct pronunciation of the word ‘privacy’ – whereby I pointed out that the letter ‘i’ should be pronounced the same way as when it appears in the word ‘if’ – as opposed to the American version…

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Amazingly, No One Had Died!

I love reading books that can genuinely change your life. The Bible would be one of those for sure, and I try to read a bit of that every day. I’ve already written on this blog about the amazing power of ‘Time to Think’ by Nancy Kline and the revised ‘More Time to Think‘, which…

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To Lead is to Serve

Perfectly pioneered by Jesus, modelled by Mahatma Gandhi, the concept of servant leadership is alien to many but when demonstrated well, it is a supremely attractive way to lead others. I came across this article on Servant Leadership and it is worth the read simply to be encouraged by the results of what can happen when a…

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Extreme Character Challenge

This time next week I will be somewhere in Scotland with a bunch of like-minded men – hopefully enjoying myself!  Although the enjoyment bit will probably come in differing measure throughout the experience. We will be on a three day hike designed to push us to our limits – no doubt using some expected devices…

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