When Baking Bread Brings Relief

When Hurricane Harvey prompted a year’s worth of torrential rain around the Houston, Texas area in a matter of days, and became the biggest disaster in mainland America since Hurricane Katrina, predictably, a lot of things happened. Thirty-five people thus far, have died as a result of the storm; 13,000 rescue operations have been carried out and…

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What’s an Apostrophe For?

I saw a headline yesterday that encouraged me to finally write something about one of my all-time favourite rants. That is of course, the almost epidemic, terrible misuse of the apostrophe. Then I found out that next Friday is International Apostrophe Day, so I instantly decided that this is going to be a two-part blog…

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Head to Toe Turkish

I like getting my hair cut. More nowadays. than perhaps at any other time in my life. The reason is simple of course. The barbers I visit monthly do a great job every single time. The establishment I am referring to is a Turkish barbers called The Good Fellas with posters of the famous mafia movie adorning…

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