Change is Good, Transformation is Better

Whilst on my travels this week, I spotted this slogan on an advertising poster: Change is of course good, and transformation…well, if you can achieve that, then you’re definitely on to something. The only question is how? So whether it is the radical transformation that English football desperately needs to slowly recover from the poison…

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Topless Teenagers Inspired Me!

Yesterday, as I was driving home, I saw three topless teenagers on their bikes. Thankfully, they were not the frontrunners in Brighton’s Naked Bike Ride and of course, they were boys. They checked for any cars coming, without stopping, made their bikes leap over the kerb and then rode straight over a grassy “hump”, reaching…

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I Forgive and Live

Yesterday, I had the privilege of mediating between two people who had not sat in a room and spoken to each other for more than four years. What do you say to even begin to scratch the surface of such a situation? Many things were said. Thankfully, most of them were helpful to hear and…

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