It’s a New Day!

Sitting here on the day of the historic EU Referendum, that will decide whether the United Kingdom remains in or leaves the European Union, it would be remiss somehow, to not attempt to write something that will greet you as you awake to the news of how the nation has voted. I am not here…

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Love Will Win in The End

With the senseless, so-called “lone-wolf” attack on the gay night club in Orlando, and now the equally senseless, brutal murder in broad daylight of Labour MP Jo Cox yesterday, you could be forgiven for thinking that violence is taking over the world. And you would be right. Despite the daily headlines, love is fighting back….

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The Worst They Have Ever Seen

I’ve just moved into a lovely part of Brighton, called Preston Park and the other night, I took a walk around the park itself. It was one of those beautifully peaceful, warm (some would say balmy but that’s not a word I typically use for some reason) summer evenings when everything seems right with the…

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