A Long Cut is Often the Best

The other day, I was driving along a beautifully sun-drenched road, with the beach on my right and the ubiquitous seaside B&Bs on my left. Suddenly, there appeared to be a lot of traffic up ahead and it did not look like one of those “Merge in Turn” scenarios I’ve described before. In fact, pretty…

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The Purpose of Flies

Is it me or are there so many more flies around at this time of year than normal? I mean, when it is the middle of summer and it is hot outside, I can understand them coming into the house to get some respite from the heat, although I’ve never heard of flies suffering from sunstroke….

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What I Learned from a Traffic Jam…

I have sat in some serious traffic jams in my time. I’m talking about those thankfully rare situations where all plans are scuppered, people are walking up and down the motorway and if it’s a hot day, some are even laying out their picnic, determined to make the most of the seemingly infinite delay. Then…

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Why Winning Does Matter

A couple of days ago, I read an article that said how the word “win” finds it roots in both joy and grace. I love that! But what does that really mean or more to the point, what does that even look like? For those of you for whom life is simply one seemingly endless triumphant…

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