The Difference Between Life and Death

How many times have you heard the cry, “It’s a matter of life and death!” Not many times hopefully, in real life. Many, many times if, like most people, you’ve seen your fair share of TV and movies. This week, I cannot avoid the subject of when the difference between life and death comes and…

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Learning to Laugh

I heard on the radio yesterday that children in Bangalore, India are having lessons on how to laugh. Due to the success of these classes, there are even plans to open the world’s first Laughter University. When Dr. Madan Kataria the founder of the now worldwide ‘Laughter Clubs’, opened his first one more than twenty years ago, only…

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What’s in a Blue Sky?

One of the things I simply love about this time of the year is being able to sit outside under a beautiful blue sky, with enough sunshine to make me feel pleasantly warm and then to simply think. The phrase “Blue Sky thinking” has been around for some time and has now made it into…

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Let the Expert Through!

Several years ago, when I was working as a salesman for a company that supplied food wrapping machinery, I found myself in a large produce processing factory with an engineer called Billy. I was there to see how their current stock of machines were doing and explore the possibility of selling them one or two…

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